If you want a healthy heart and want to stay away from a heart attack, then start eating one egg daily. A recent research has revealed that eating at least 12 eggs a week reduces the risk of heart disease in pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes patients.

Research also says that eating one egg daily reduces the risk of heart disease by 12 percent. Researchers researched about 1 million Chinese people aged between 30 and 79 years for 9 years, which found that people who ate one egg every day compared to those who did not eat eggs everyday found less heart disease.

Beneficial for the mind and eyes

Egg contains protein and 9 other amino acids, besides it contains a nutrient called lutein which also keeps your brain healthy. Most doctors recommend including eggs in your diet because eggs are rich in nutrients. They contain nutrients such as lutein and gazanthine in addition to vitamins A, D, B and B12. These elements are quite beneficial for the eyes. One or two eggs can be eaten in a day. Let’s know that apart from this research, there can be other benefits of eating eggs daily.

Helpful in weight loss and increase

If you want to lose weight, then eat only the white part of the egg because the yellow part is very high in cholesterol. Eggs are specially included in the diet of those who go to the gym. But they are advised to eat only white portion. Children who lose weight are advised to eat one egg daily. At the same time, those who want to gain weight, they should eat the yellow portion of the egg especially.

Beneficial for bones

The eggs are rich in vitamin D and protein. People who have pain in hands, feet and rest of the body. They must eat at least one egg daily. By eating eggs, the bones are strengthened with less pain.

Enhanced eye light

Carotenoids are found in plenty in eggs, which is very important for the health of the eyes. Carotenoids strengthen the muscles of the eyes. Eating one egg daily does not risk cataract. The antioxidants present in it work to strengthen the retina.

Hair and skin

The yellow part of the egg contains biotin which tightens the hair and tightens the skin. By applying the yellow part of the egg to the hair, the hair becomes soft and soft. You can reduce skin wrinkles by using egg yolk as a facepack or mask.

Full of energy

Eating eggs gives your body plenty of energy. Eating eggs for breakfast will keep you energetic throughout the day. Apart from this, it also increases your functionality.

Iron deficiency goes away

If you have a deficiency of iron in your body, then eat a portion of egg yolks daily. It contains the most iron. Eating it for a few days will remove iron deficiency.


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